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Winterize Your Pets


 Cold weather has been in our forecast!  During extreme weather, as we have been experiencing, we highly recommend that your pets stay inside.  Now if you have a pet that is an outside pet and there is no way possible to bring them into a garage or shed.. then there are precautions that need to be taken...

This is one of the most important recommendations we can give.  Any dog or cat that sleeps or is outdoors more then 30 minutes at a time needs a shelter.  This should be snug, dry, and draft-free.  The floor of the shelter needs to be raised off the ground in order to keep the cold and moisture away from your pet as they are laying.  We suggest having the shelter insulated (it would be ideal to have it heated), and there should be a "door" to keep the elements out (this can be a plastic flap or a blanket.. anything that will make it so diagonal snow or rain wont get into their living space).

We recommend a high quality food that has adequate protein and extra fat for animals that spend a lot of time outside.

With the temperatures that weve been having lately, it is so easy for your pets water to freeze.  By keeping fresh water in a large, deep, plastic bowl and replacing it every couple hours this will help in making sure your pet always has water.

Although exercise is very important for your pets, in extreme low temperature weather, we need to make sure that we protect them.  Having a sweater or even booties on your pets feet will help in protecting them.  We also recommend not being outside longer then necessary in these conditions.

   With the snow and ice, it is important to check between your pets toes for clumps forming.  If you notice any, you need to wipe between each toe with a warm, wet washcloth.  Using salt on your drive or walkway can also be dangerous to your pets paws.  It is very important to make sure that you wash their paws in warm water and dry them thoroughly after they walk through areas where salt has been used.

The saying "If its too cold for you, its too cold for them" is extremely true.  If you notice your pet is shivering and refuses to play, then they are too cold and they should be brought in immediately.